Sectional Sofa – Progress Report

The sectional sofa is a bit of a trial and error project as Caroline really doesn’t believe that we are going to be able to get it looking like a professionally made sofa.

We started out with a basic idea for a massive sectional which will be approx 14′ wide by 7.5′ long. Based on the designs we have found online the key aspects are as follows –

  • Square back no more than 3.25″ thick
  • Square base same thickness as the back
  • Square arms (dimensions TBC) on both sides
  • Fat cushions ~8″ thick

We have decided to make the center section as a test piece and if that works then we will gradually add the other bits over time.

Progress July 29th

  • Ripped three 2x4x8s down to 2.75″ thick (main frame)
  • Cut two sections of 31″ for the short sections (with the 1.75″ thickness of the 2x4s and the 3.25″ sofa back the total sofa depth will be approx 37.25″)
  • Cut three 2×4 sections down to 31″ for structural support along the base of the frame
  • Cut some blocking to use in the corners for additional structural support
  • Joined everything together using dowels, wood glue and construction screws
    • full size 2x4s are laid sideways across the base of the frame to allow some room for the webbing to flex
  • Ordered sofa webbing, 1/2″ foam and fabric

Next step is to build an identical back frame to match (although it will be 2.5″ thick to allow for foam on both sides vs. just on the topside of the base)

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