Night Stand – Progress Report (July 29th)

Based on the success of the poured epoxy dining table, we decided to use a very similar approach for the night stand design with the minor exception that we plan to use white epoxy instead of Cathedral grey.

Initially we had planned to embed a USB wireless charging station under the epoxy to turn a section of the nightstand into a wireless iPhone charger but unfortunately this didn’t work on the prototype.

This blog page is an informal progress report for the night stands – it will be updated into a main page when the project is completed

Progress on July 29th …

  • 1st step was to rip a section of OSB to 14″ x 20.5″
  • Cut 4 corner pieces to act as support for the base
  • Cut the 2″ oak strips into 2 x 14″ sections and 2 x 21.75″ sections
  • Checked the dimensions against the OSB and trimmed the wood appropriately
  • Glued and clamped the corners using a simple glued butt joint (love the 90 degree corner clamps for this!)
  • Mark 5/8″ (depending on thickness of the OSB) on the inside edge of each corner of the frame (marker for gluing in corner pieces)
  • Glue and clamp corner wedges into each of the corners
  • Glue and clamp the base into the frame – there should be approx 1/8″ to 1/4″ lip of oak protruding above the OSB to allow for the epoxy resin to be poured

Next steps – attaching to the wall

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