Sectional Sofa – Progress Report (31st July)

This section follows on from the 29th July Progress Report

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This is where the fun started with the sectional sofa base. The webbing (Homend Sofa Elastic Webbing) and the webbing stretcher (C.S. Osborne Webbing Puller Stretcher) arrived from Amazon today and we had a few hours to kill this afternoon and we decided to have a go.

Tools & Materials we used today were as follows

  • Webbing Stretcher
  • Air compressor
  • Staple Gun
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Staples
  • Tape measure and Pencil
  • Band Aids

We started off by re-measuring the internal dimensions of the frame we built in the previous report and then calculating where each of the bands would be placed across the long edge of the frame (We guessed to use 1″ gap between each 3″ band to make sure we would have lots of support).

We started off stapling one end of the webbing to the frame with a small overhang which we then folded back on itself are stapled over again. This was to ensure that we didn’t have frayed webbing ends hanging over the side of the frame. Using the webbing puller (which has very sharp teeth) we stretched out the webbing as tight as we could get it and then stapling in place before cutting and folding over again. It was then time to get the band aids out for some minor appendage repairs (did I mention the teeth on the webbing stretcher were sharp?). We repeated the stapling and stretching for all 7 webbing strips running horizontally.

Next step we began by weaving another section of webbing along the short edge (after measuring again) and repeating the stapling / stretching procedure. At this point we decided that Neil could actually pull the webbing as tight as the stretcher and decided to proceed using the safer technique for the remainder of the shorter webbing strips. Note – it is important to remember to alternate the weave of the shorter strips – we decided it would be more fun to unpick staples and redo a couple of the shorter bands …

When all the webbing strips were in place we rechecked all the staples and trimmed off the frayed ends to complete the webbing section for our sofa base.

We did try out sitting on the base with a couple of 6″ sofa cushions and you can just about feel the wooden support structures under the webbing. We plan to put some 2″ foam across the top of these supports and if you weigh more than Neil (165lbs) then we suggest you do the same – will let you know if this works in a later post.

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