About Us

In 2017 after a challenging year than involved multiple surgeries and a workload that meant Neil had spent several months working abroad in West Africa, the Stewart family made the decision to relocate to our small condo in Colorado to experience mountain living for a year. 3 months into our adventure we made the decision to relocate permanently and bought an amazing house with the plan to complete a major remodel.

We finished rebuilding our amazing new house in the Colorado mountains in late 2019 after 2 years of a long, hard slog. The major remodel of the house that we had originally planned for fell by the wayside after we discovered persistent mould and drywood rot issues throughout the house. We were forced to tear the house down to the foundation in late 2018 and start again from scratch.

Unfortunately due to the challenges of rebuilding the house within our budget followed quickly by the onset of COVID-19, we were left in a position of not being able to afford to furnish the house to the standard that we had hoped.

Starting out with under $5,000 to completely refurnish a 5,000 sqf house was a daunting task but with some excellent bargain shopping from Caroline and a combined effort to DIY the most modern furniture we could build, we are well on our way to turning our dream house into our dream home.