When we set out to furnish our new mountain home in 2019, we realized that while there are a plethora of DIY websites, none of them catered specifically to a DIY enthusiast looking to furnish and decorate a modern contemporary home. We are just a normal family trying to build our own Modern and Contemporary furniture.

Armed with nothing more than some very basic DIY skills, a bit of free time and a lot of enthusiasm, we set out to turn our new house into our ‘perfect’ home on a shoestring budget …

Modern and Contemporary on a Budget is our story, and we hope it will provide a combination of inspiration along with some detailed plans for anybody who, like us, wants to make more than a pallet sofa or a very basic dining table from 2x4s and melamine.

Here are some quick links to help you navigate the site:

  • Completed Projects with detailed instructions, photos and plans for those of you that want to try and replicate some of our projects.
  • Blog: This will be an ongoing update of the projects that we are currently working on with some commentary and photographic evidence of our progress. When the project is completed we will write a more detailed set of instructions and archive it in the project list.
  • Tools and Tips: We started out our project with very little practical DIY knowledge and so this section is dedicated to sharing some of the lessons that we have learned the hard way.
  • About us
  • Disclaimer